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^ Thanks, I appreciate it. To be honest, this is the first construction project i've ever done.

Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
We would get along well man

Love it!

Did you have to put an egress window in every room?
no, it's technically not a "living space" so when I advertise it for rent or sale, it's a "finished basement with bathroom"

Originally Posted by Tb151 View Post
How did you like the pre-mixed grout? I read all of the "experts" say that you should steer clear of it and its better to mix your own.

Yes the hardibacker is tough to work with but it's supposed to pay off in the long run. I heard that you really need a diamond blade.

You have some serious guts drilling into the cement floors, I think that may be where I draw the line. That would scare the bejeezus out of me for sure. All in all, very impressive craftsmanship overall, and I'm hugely impressed.

Edit: Also, what company did you get the closet organizer from? I ordered one of the John Louis sets and am about to put it in my sons closet. I like the looks of yours.

I actually liked the pre-mixed grout, went on well and sealed well. no problems. I have used the powder mix for everything else though. Laying the tile took A LOT Longer than i was expecting for the shower, probably about 20hrs total. I was thinking i could do it in 8hrs.

cutting through the concrete floor wasn't a big deal, just super dusty because I made the initial cuts with a saw.

my closet set is actually from Home Depot, Martha Stewart Collection.
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