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Originally Posted by LAFENGAS View Post
started the tiling this weekend.

installed the radiant heating elements. SUPER easy, highly recommended. should be nice come winter:

dry layout of the tiles so everything would fit and i wouldn't have to run outside

only took about 2hrs to get laid out. just a recommendation if anyone plans on using radiant heating element matting:

1.) apply mortar directly to the elements pushing it through the mesh to make sure it bonds well to the floor
2.) level off the mortar smooth with a trowel using the heating elements as a thickness gauge
3.) butter the back of the tiles and trowel the grooves, don't try troweling groves over the elements.
4.) then just stick the tiles as normal

How did you install the heating element ? Did you have to run a new electrical line for the element thru the walls and to the box or is the 'draw' small enough that you can run it to an electrical outlet ?

Where did you get the heating elements ? I have only seen them come in a mesh style and they were 400 -500 bucks for an 8x8 square. I don't remember exactlybut it was ridiculously expensive for some insulated wire.

But I want them in my next house.

installed the lighting for the shower:

Just curious.............I don't remember ever having a light directly in my shower.
Are there any rules against having lights in a shower or is it permitted because you have Can lights that are recessed ?

I like the shelves built into the wall as well.

Beautiful shower though !

I like frosted closet doors...good idea.
Anyhow, you do amazing work. Are you a general contractor by trade ?
Everything you do appears to be done very well.
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