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How did you install the heating element ? Did you have to run a new electrical line for the element thru the walls and to the box or is the 'draw' small enough that you can run it to an electrical outlet ?

Where did you get the heating elements ? I have only seen them come in a mesh style and they were 400 -500 bucks for an 8x8 square. I don't remember exactlybut it was ridiculously expensive for some insulated wire.

But I want them in my next house.
I knew i was running heated floor when I ran the electrical and that circuit has a higher amperage circuit breaker. I actually located a place to buy the elements from off ebay and purchased from their store directly. I think i got the heating elements and control panel for about $220 total. I think it was about 20 sq-ft total.

Just curious.............I don't remember ever having a light directly in my shower.
Are there any rules against having lights in a shower or is it permitted because you have Can lights that are recessed ?

I like the shelves built into the wall as well.

Beautiful shower though !
technically according to code it's not allowed, but i couldn't find anything that I liked the looks of and the bulbs are double sealed halogen (halogen inside of a bulb). You can have lights in the shower but they have specific cans and lense covers which looked horrible. My reasoning, when i did it, was if for some reason they stop working because of moisture i can always convert them to an actual shower can becuase they are all larger, i'd just have to cut a larger hole. If they did short out for some reason, they are protected at the breaker. It's been almost 2 years now and no problems yet.

Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
I like frosted closet doors...good idea.
Anyhow, you do amazing work. Are you a general contractor by trade ?
Everything you do appears to be done very well.
Thanks, i stained those and then added a frosted contact paper to the clear glass to get that look. Every frosted door i found was over $600+ for the set. I made these the way i wanted for about $200 total.'

No, i'm not a contractor, just an engineer who looks to save a few buck where I can.
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