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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Not sure how strict NY is, but once you finish it, it's a living space.
Did you run any duct work? Methods of egress set by code are important also, having a system to move and replenish the air is too.
No, with NY you can have a finished basement and advertise it as a finished basement, but it can't be added to the living space. for instance, the basement is about 600sq-ft, but i can't add that into the size of the house when i list it and the basement wasn't included in the sq-ft of the house when I purchased it. If i made adequate egress, i would be able to list an additonal bedroom and add the square footage. I can however list the additional bathroom.

As far a duct work, there were existing ducts and additional ducts added throughout the basement to provide HVAC. The return air into the HVAC is pulled from the 1st floor and wasn't affected by the rennovation.

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