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Lust, you have an automatic? Hard to tell.

Anyway...for grins, beg in the regional forum...might find a fanatic willing to do it.

That said, don't assume the belt is the only problem. It might have snapped from age alone and be the only issue...but it might have ripped apart because one of the pulleys is seized.

You'd be driving a short distance, so you know, without cooling and without Power steering...and without an alternator.

The cooling is what will hurt you...the alt will stop you.

Remove the remnants of the belt, monitor the temp and don't let it get to warm even, if you can avoid it.

If you're careful, I give you 'my' permission to drive down the three levels of parking garage...and then turn it off immediately. You don't have any cooling at that's the danger. You've got a minute, as the coolant isn't circulating, the temp on the gauge is not reflective of the real temp in the engine.

Very short drive...use engine braking to go down so fuel is cut off in cylinders...and heat won't build up so fast.

I think you can make it...but don't hate me if you don't!

You know, you could start it and turn it off while you're rolling down hill, though you wouldn't have power brakes--they'll work...but be very hard to operate.

I don't see that you have a choice, to risk this (not huge) or leave car, get tools/parts, and fix yourself there in garage in a few minutes.

Check your pulleys, lust. Spin them. If they spin like a skateboard wheel, they're bad (that's for the two tensioner pulleys and idler pulley).

Ask in regional, though...someone should be able to rescue you!
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