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I brought an external dvd drive out to the place to install osx.
That didn't work either.. I couldn't boot the thing from the osx or linux cd using either drive.

So I grabbed the mac and brought it back to the office.

I now have 2 identical Macs sitting side by side.
I am in the process on installing a fresh copy of 10.6 on the one.

I am trying to figure out this Target disk mode.
Apparently, it just turns a mac into a big external drive.

So in theory, I take the good mac, and boot it up while holding T
Then I connect them together with a firewire cable
Then I boot the "bad" one while holding option.

The problem is, I have already booted that thing a few times holding option, and it just has 2 crappy icons on it. An arrow pointing to the right, and a circle with an arrow in it.

Is that the correct procedure?

I have to take it apart again anyways to put the stupid hard drive sensor one when I get that. So I may figure out another way to get OSX on that drive with it out of the computer.
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