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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
^ you didn't even order parts yet?

You're looking at m3 strut mounts. No, springs pads aren't included and usually not necessary. Nuts come with struts. Need new strut pinch bolts, rear shock mounts, and gaskets.
haven't had to. the car has been in the shop and i've been swamped with work. i know excuses, excuses. i'm full of them. having a spare care is nice because i don't have to rush things.

i'm looking at 897 (free shipping) then minus 25 bucks for labor day sale at mod bargains. anyone know of a better price for the combo (i'de rather order all from the same place).

otherwise i'm good to go right? ugh, i might save the 275 bucks and install them myself. we'll see how long i can drive the spare car for (90 accord with 280k miles)

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