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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Your house I guess. More important than codes.... God forbid you have a fire and your kids are in the basement, how are they going to get out?

Safety is more important to me than some inspector fining you for a permit violation. You gotta (should always want to) have at least 2 methods of egress from a basement. Even if you don't use the room as a bedroom (I already SEE a bed in your pictures), the finished rooms would be considered "habitual spaces". You kids will be playing down there, right?

Finish work looks amazing. I would have run returns to the HVAC. Your system will try to pump air into the space, but you won't be pulling any out. Stale air is not good (radon post... don't want to junk up your thread... Just be safe (even if code )
I understand the concern. It's something that I considered and I guess I chose to live life on the edge. The window that does exist, though smaller than code (30"x18"), does fully remove by simply unlatching and a rollout escape ladder was mounted outside.

but note that I DO NOT LIVE THERE. It's rented out to others who choose to use that room as they wish. When i rented it out, the basement is noted as nothing other than additional storage and a bathroom.

I had a radon test done which concluded there was no concern for radon and a CO alarm is also located in the basement.

Also the HVAC is located in the basement and the returns were already run because the HVAC was already dumping air into the basement. I just closed some registers off and ran them elsewhere within the basement based on the layout.

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