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@slo They are simple ... if you have the right disc on hand. Just like any MS computer. smh

@scot0482 I've read every thing here and I'm confused. Everyone has pointed out you need? 10.8 or 10.6 disc which sounds like to me the OSX disc. Remember Macs come with two disc, a OS X Install disc and an Operating system Disc (i.e. Lion, Tigers, Bears). The main one you need is the OS X Install disc (in PC terms the Boot Disc). There are different according to which Mac you have. Mainly because every Mac uses a different keyboard layout. So for instance I cannot use my MBP 15in Unibody OS Install Disc on my PB G4 15in because they have different keyboards. The whole process would be simple, just pop in the OS X Install Disc for the model of your Mac and blah blah blah. (see link, page 8) I used to erase my hard drive on my Powerbook every two years, and do a fresh install, very easy to do. I'm assuming that its the same when you replace your hard drive.

If you don't have the install disc, you can ask a friend that has the same Mac or purchase one from Apple. I think they are $10..
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