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Originally Posted by fastsoup View Post
Really? You don't understand? The guy just went through a traumatizing experience, he knows his car is ****ed but is unsure of the it's ****ed, where, how much, what am I going to say to the insurance company, am I alright...just a gang of things running though his head...OM MY GAWD sounds like the most logical thing to scream out at that point.

And after carefully reviewing this video countless times, there was absolutely no hope for that poor car. The vehicle was airborne (minimal) just enough for no clearance before the rocks. Just a bad day, for a guy who will never ever fly like that on a hill like road again.

Relax sir.

Like someone said in a previous post, there was no hope for the car after he hopped in and turned the key. He's an idiot and it could've been prevented. Not by slamming the brakes, not by smashing the accelerator but driving that road the way it was meant to be driven. I hope the insurance company he was with didn't give any sympathy. It could've ended up much worse.

Yes, we all like to open up our cars here and there. That's all good and fine but when you don't know firstly how to drive and secondly when enough is enough, you shouldn't be on the road at all.
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