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NFL Predictions ?

I am a Dallas fan.
I hope they do well, but I hope they do well and better than the previous year, every

They have done well in the pre-season. They went 3-1 and Romo looked really good in the last game.

Last year we were 8-8. We lost 3,4 games in the 4Q after we led.

I know it does not mean anything because all the teams are trying out new players and new runs, but it helps the teams motivation and self confidence going in with 3-1 as opposed to 1-3.


I also think that Detroit will do well this year.
They have gotten progressively better every year for the last 3,4 years.
I think they won 10 games last year and made the playoffs for the first time since 1999.
A lot better than when they were 3-13 in 2006.

But I hope they don't do too well, because Dallas and Detroit are both in the NFC.

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