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My life with Lance Armstrong: Personal assistant tells how he 'found steroids in cyclist's bathroom cabinet and was fired within a year'
Mike Anderson was personal assistant to Lance Armstrong for two years between 2002 and 2004
Was a cycling contemporary of the legendary athlete as they grew up in Texas
Claims his relationship with Armstrong deteriorated after he discovered drugs in the cyclists bathroom in 2004 - although he never told his employer
Says that Armstrong is callous and heartless and dumped his first wife on a beach in Santa Barbara, California and watched her spiral into depression
Alleges Armstrong took kick-backs when he raced in Europe and may not have declared them to the I.R.S
Alleges that Armstrong has little time for his Livestrong foundation saying at one 2003 event: 'I hate these f***ing things.'
When Armstrong was confronted about doping by Anderson he said 'Everybody does it'
Left Anderson penniless after allegedly firing him for no reason and refusing to pay him money owed unless he signed a non-disclosure agreement

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Now running a bicycle repair shop on the other side of the world, Anderson also documents how he witnessed Armstrong allegedly take kick-backs in the form of cash during his racing days in France.

'Armstrong would often return from Europe with money stuffed into his pants,' said Anderson.

'It was clumsily concealed from authorities, but this was easy to get away with for a celebrity flying in and out of private air terminals, where control over passengers was fairly lax.

'The cash came from the post-Tour races that are an important part of the cycling culture in Europe, because they allow people in smaller French towns, or outside France altogether, to see pros racing on their local roads.

'All a rider had to do was show up, race for a while, and collect payment, which was made under the table.

'Whether he declared this as income or not, I donít know.'

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