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My Ride: 1999 BMW 323i
road rash on the bumpers, needed a new alternator, paint was a bit rough needed a window regulator, VCG was leaking, maintenance wasn't up to date, suspension needs an update, CSB and guibo were bad headlights were wired wrong...and THERE WERE 3 DIFFERENT TIRES ON THE CAR WTF!?!?...but you know what? I've fixed all of this besides the paint being a bit hazy, VCG, and guibo (trying to figure out if the paint can just be detailed to be fine, not very versed in the paint world, need a guibo and waiting for vanos seals now before i do the VCG), all of this, including the spark plugs vanos seals and vcg waiting to go in, cost me...400? if THAT? I payed 3500 for the car, hell i paid 4000 for my 05 CIVIC (though its mint), granted this has 166k miles, but in my hands it will last quite a while longer, and is shaping up into a truly remarkable car as is. I'm beyond happy with my purchase, paying that much for a car that can literally put a smile on your face every time you look at it or get behind the steering well is WELL worth it, and I'll probably be buying an m3 to fix up when this ones mint just because I won't be able to switch off the inner repair man this brought out in me, lol.
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