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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
For the gas cap, you'll probably find where the end of the cord extends over to the gas door mechanism.

Somewhere around the gas door...on the 'lock side' not hinge side, you'll find a 'thingy' that you should be able to pull/push/ etc and at least get you gas until you figure the rest out.

Wish I could help you with central locking, but I bet the shop would have an idea of what they did/didn't it's simple.
I finally figured how to pop it open from inside the trunk. It was exactly as you said. Thank you. I got gas right away lol. 4 miles before it was drained!!

Originally Posted by mtnbound View Post
This was my first thought as well.

How long was the car with the shop?
I have the older type of key which has battery in it. I believe the diamond shaped key does not have a battery located in it, it gets charged when in ignition(?).
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