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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
Just goofing around. It is part of what is done on here.

Candidly, Euro plates OK, but the choice of the two titles runs a bit déclassé in my opinion. Read OPINION. My viewpoint. What crowd are you trying to appeal to?
I prefer a more refined face to the world. I'm older than you are.

Gotta admit, I do like the image of your sig.
Ahh see thats the thing about the internet.. you cant tell the tone of anything. I assumed you were being malicious like 75% of the people on this forum I guess they do seem a bit immature, but I was trying to go for something a little more original. I wanted something a little more original than just "E46 FTW" or "MOVE OVER".

You are right, most of the people who see my car will be the kids in my HS, but I'm not really trying to appeal to any crowd specifically. I just want something that makes people smile or chuckle when they see it.

Thanks for the input though, it's much appreciated. And as for the sigpic, I took that with my cellphone really quick after it had rained, and a member here did some quick editing on it. I wish it was a higher resolution shot though. But anyway, thanks a lot man!

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