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Well I finally got the correct speakers on August 26th. I installed them and they sound great in my 2002 330xi. I have the HK package and one of the old speakers was shot so I couldn't turn it up very much without getting a lot of terrible noises. The new speakers (6.5 sub woofers in the front doors) sound nice and added some punch.
If you bought the full set, then you paid somewhere between $600-$900, right? And for that, you got "sound(s) nice, and some added punch?
For that much money, they should send a hooker to blow you whenever you turn on the (14 year old technology) stereo.
I do not understand how this company has been able to convince anyone to pay that much money for their products, with the exception of some owners who bought the car new, 7 - 12 years ago.
I spent $700, and got a receiver with CD, HD Radio, iPod control, Bluetooth, and XM Radio, component speakers front and rear (Boston Acoustics), a box with 2 10in subs, and 3 Rockford Fosgate Amps to drive it all, and it sounds like the freaking voice of God. It would sound "nice" if I jabbed an ice pick in both ears.
You do not need 16 speakers if you have prodigious power, and a high tech head unit. Two tweeters, and two mids in the door and Barack deck and two subs in the back are more than enough. Shoving odd sized speakers in every nook in the cabin is the auto manufacturers equivalent of shoving rolled up socks in your underwear - it is compensating for a basic deficiency. Shoving BSW speakers in the same nooks is the equivalent of shoving a rolled up Hermés tie in your underwear.
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