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Incarmedia australia warning!!!

Back in May I purchased my Android Dynavin for my car. Once installed the photos on the ipod covers stopped working after 3rd plug in and first ten minutes installed. Blue tooth worked initially but then latter cut out, the unit stalled and was slow and I couldn't get connection anywhere, it was obvious that from the start due to delayed application running times and failure to open applications it was a lemon. I went to my I.T group that I used for work, the system said, authenticating, connecting and than nothing. This happened for me, at home, at work and I was unable to connect via wireless hotspot through mine or my friends smart phones. I went to my local JB Hi-fi. The young bloke there actually had one. He tried to connect it and finally it connected through their wi-fi which I'm assuming is obviously incredibly strong. Through that I was able to download apps and maps etc. The use of this unit and it's apps are useless without connectivity. I reset the system and informed Ray from incarmedia several times. The group lack what's called 'good old fashion personable service' and would only send me emails though their website. The only time Ray ever once returned my phone call was when I was phoning up with payment. (No surprises there) their website is set up in a way that you can only leave msg's and not talk to a live operator. Finally they agreed to take a look at the unit. I bubbled wrapped it and sent it off with a $40.00 postage fee. The unit arrived and Ray claimed they spent 6 hours testing it and that they'd spent more than enough time on it for me and that the ipod photo covers were not going to be fixed because it is beyond the unit capacity (As far as I'm concerned I paid for the system to be in full working order) Is that not fair? He only got back to me when I contacted him, He said that the units SD card was corrupt and it had bugs and faults and he had now rebooted it. When it first arrived he said to me "Rhys, you have more problems than ipod cover photos) trying to draw me away from the fact I wasn't getting what I paid for. I asked Ray how this could happen? It literally came out of a new box. He ignored my question and just informed me he had sent it back. When the unit arrives I have it installed the second time. The unit came back exactly how it was. When I contacted Ray he pleaded with me that they had done all they can to help me and he spent hours testing the system and trying to help me by getting it work. He tried to make out as though he was a victim by having to fix the faulty system I paid $1000.00 bucks for and lets just say with everything else and sending it back. In excess of that figure. Finally I get the idea to film where the unit is plugged in and what's happening. I send him the video and he responds with how frustrating. Send it back. By this stage it was very evident it was a very disorganized business. My reverse camera and the unit itself ended up at my local post office had I not gone in looking for it it would have been sent back. He mixed up my work address with my home address, not once... But twice. By this stage I'm already suspicious of his misconduct and bad service, but being a fair guy I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When the System arrives back again, he posts videos of him using the system, regardless i don't really give a turd about the issues, I'm already incredibly concerned i've bought a faulty lemon of a product and as you would with a T.V, Washing machine or dishwasher with these faults you would get it honored by manufacture warranty. Finally when it comes back I book the unit in at my local Audio One in Perth CBD. The guy there than opens the box and all the cables I sent off with it are missing, Ray than tells me that I have opened and tampered with the unit, hence voided the warranty and will not be getting any warranty from the unit. I'd actually booked it into audio one to get the system tested. The guy at Audio one actually laughed and said "mate, this guy is really having you on, just ask him for your money back, this is just a joke". By this stage my frustration had gotten so bad I was so sick of this guy I wrote him an email to tell him everything and he left it at that he was not going to do anything about it and too bad. I had my lawyer even write him an email to which he never got back to. I've now heard that Ray sold the business. I don't even know if this is true or a further part of his scam. All I want is my damn money back or a new working system. My car has trim parts hanging off where a reverse camera goes into nothing, I have no cords to even plug the unit in if I did, and last time the unit arrived the cords to the steering wheel cables, I've since re installed my factory unit which really just sits in a giant hole in my dash, but works fine, which further proves it's Incarmedias system. For Incarmedias defense they have uploaded videos on YouTube which to me really doesn't mean anything because that could be any system he's filming and mine doesn't work.

So to sum everything up I've

1. Spent over $100.00 in postage
2. I'm over $1000.00 out of pocket
3. I have a been told that its not their problem because Ray sold the business
4. I have a massive hole in my dash and a useless dynavin system that I can't even plug in, not that i'd want to because nothing works, nor do my wheel cables.
5. I've wasted countless hours running around after this thing. I was even prepared to have it tested by another audio group but can't now because Ray won't return my pieces and claims they're probably floating around W.A somewhere there's pretty much nothing I can do.

To top it all off the last email he sent me he even had the nerve to say "If you ask nicely it goes a long way" after I patiently put up with this crap for two months :banghead:. As when last time he didn't get back to me he distastefully gave me the excuse of that he was at a funeral. :ben:
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