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Originally Posted by jayb328i View Post
I am not sure about the humming noise coming from your girl friend's rear end, but this E46 Board is not the correct Forum to address this. You may want to pay allot of attention to that. In regard to your car, I had that noise due to failing lower control arms---easy to check.
Let us know how you make out with your girl friend.
Hey jayb328i,

Yeah sorry about that, I am new to the site and am still learning! Im just trying to get some answers on this thing before she kills this damn car, because its a Beautiful car and the Motor and tranny are in great condition, plus I am still trying to get a hang of the site and learn everything about it. I will have them checked out then asap! I appreciate the help on it and will keep you updated! I appreciate ya not being an asshole like some people I have already encountered on here! I was wondering too, could you possibly tell me the CORRECT answer on this.. My Girlfriend is being told that when she changes her brakes, she needs to replace the rotors too. Not just now, "EVERY TIME" she does a brake change.. I really dont know too much about these cars, I LOVE them, and want to learn more about these cars.. But as of right now I have no idea if shes being told stories or not? I appreciate it everything and Thank you!
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