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As has been stated here, there are several things can make the steering wheel shake when braking. Warped Rotors will do it (and if they are not too close to minimum thickness, they can be cut despite what has been said), always install or have your wheels installed without using an air impact wrench and torque all lugs evenly, unevenly torqued lugs is a major factor in warping rotors. Bad Front Lower Control Arm Outer Ball Joints can also cause the problem, as can Front Lower Control Arm Bushings. Ball Joints can be checked by jacking the car up and then moving the wheel/tire up and down (in and out at top and bottom of wheel) feeling for play or having someone move them up and down (in and out at top and bottom) as you look for play at the Outer Ball Joint. To check the Lower Control Arm Bushing, look to see that all the rubber of the bushing is intact and not cracked. While checking these items with car jacked up (and on jack stands, don't work under the car supported only by a jack), also check the Tie Rod Ends for play and the Sway Bar Links and the Inner Ball Joints.
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