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us limeys usualy are to people on the outside on the inside its organised chaos as per army sops lmfao. the sr71s we used to see where back in the mid 80s and only ever seen them a couple of times it wasnt a regular thing at all, they were low so looked like they had just taken off form near by. we saw the a10s more than anything with the odd f15 occasionaly as well now they do make your sphincter rattle when they go by no that i like my sphincter rattled but it was a sight.

its funny how things work with our armys you guys love and want our kit and we love and want your kit lol however we are starting to get a lot of u.s vehicles coming in to service with us like the international mxt which we call husky, we also have your cougar which we call mastiff and its various varients, we have your oshkosh het and its varients and a few other vehicles.

what job do you do you do bud? im currantly a senior instructor teaching uor vehicles (urgent operational requirement) like husky etc

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