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OK, all bits back together now and from the little test I have done so far I appear to have cured the problem knocking.
I now have no speedometer and the DSC and ABS light lights are on. So all though the car is driveable I have fallen foul of design changes made between 06/2000, 09/2000 and 2003. Firstly I spotted on installation that the ABS ring (reluctor ring) on my old shaft is 94mm dia, the one on the new shaft is 79mm this means that my old sensors could not detect the windows on the reluctor ring and thus indicate an error. I then got hold of the sensors on the car that my shafts came from. A very tight fit, but fitted and found out that the plugs are different, spliced the new sensors on to my old plugs, still no joy. Turns out that the new sensors are Hall effect sensors (34526752702) and I require inductive (34521164652). So two new sensors ordered to match the originals. I will now have to get my ass on to a lathe and knock up some adaptor rings to go from 79mm dia to 94mm dia and either try and refit my old rings or by new.
The saga continues.......

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