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I do think the car looks a bit odd at different angles, a bulky kit will not have the stock flow and smooth paint. I think aftermarket doors should be included in the kit because the doors seem smooth and no body kit will keep the stock smooth lines no matter how well its put together. But the kit did look amazing when I saw it in other pictures, that I think were in low light in a garage. Anyone's car that they actually drive will look a bit different in the sun with every imperfection exposed. Hell my car looks a lot better when the sun is down. That being said, everyone has different tastes and its a bit rude to put down someones vision because there will always be someone who dislikes what you think is cool and that's what makes everyone unique.

Congrats OP, I'm very happy that you made your dream car come true and are putting it to use instead of it being a garage queen. I have seen a lot of body kits, and you can tell that this is a kit is put together very well, and the hpf kit is awesome.

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