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Maybe you can help with this one. I have a 2001 e46 convertible with the sand interior. I was cleaning the vinyl around the seat belt holders (on the top of the front seats) and around the door speakers. I noticed that my cloth was stained the sand color, and the surface of the vinyl was sticky when it dried. I used Vinylex. The more I applied it, the more color came off and the surface remained sticky when dry. Any idea why it does this? And how do I clean it so it isn't sticky?

I also wanted to add that being a convertible, the interior traps a lot of soot from the highways I take to work. It gets into all the nook and crannies. Vinylex and the various leather cleaners I have tried don't seem to do very much as far as cleaning, and the sheen they leave behind attracts the dirt even faster. How do the dealers get the leather/vinyl in these cars so clean?

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