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I have read all the comments on the this thread and have seen the pictures on the other thread you started. Hmmm, looks like the main impact point was at the front passenger side of the vehicle. At 30 MPH, you hit that tree really good. My condolences to your now ex-bimmer.

Look, I was once 22 and that was when people parked their ricers at my local Starbucks on Friday and Saturday night to show off their wanna-be Fast and Furious cars. I had a little hatchback Civic Si that I kept bone stock--it made me sick every time I saw a ***** trying to be what it wasn't. That said, I have been in similar shoes except with a less expensive car. At age 22, hanging out with the guys and talking about whose care is faster and this and that is acceptable; however, to go out and show one of your buddies what your bimmer can do only proves that you meant to show your buddy. What does that really mean? Well, how your car handles when going fast through a curve, how fast your car can go and so on--all careless driving and I am sure over the posted speed limit. I can only say this, you know very well how fast you were going and how many deer were around. If I were the insurance company, I too would deny your claim. I am no one to say that your accident was clearly led by stupidity, but I sure hope you learned your lesson.

Nonetheless, I am glad you and your buddy made it out ok.


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