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Originally Posted by staticbelow View Post
@MJLavelle - I just got two speakers - the largest ones in the front doors. "The new speakers (6.5 sub woofers in the front doors) sound nice and added some punch." I really just wanted to replace the bad speaker but since BMW decided to use a speaker that is not common in any way and I didn't feel like spending the time to cut in my own speakers I just bought the (somewhat) direct replacement from BSW.

Your setup sounds amazing though.
I am going to apologize for my tone last night. I was beyond grouchy. There are a few on the forum who know exactly why I can get in such moods.
But I stick by the fact that BSW is able to sell product at their prices.
Thee front door speakers are 5.25, or 6.5 with some trimming, which is very common. And if you buy a set of component speakers, you can mount the tweeter in the door handle spot with almost no modification at all. Some of the others are odd sized, but you really do not need them. Butt you could have replaced your door speakers with common sized speakers, with barely any modification, and 1/3 of the price. If you look at my car, you would never know what was in there. Everything fits behind the factory grills, and is super simple to install.
There are a lot of misconceptions about aftermarket stereos and BMW's. You will also notice that the BSW reps on the forum usually stay far away from these conversations. I have no doubt that their speakers are good quality. But the price is astonomical, and is not proportionate to the quality of the product. And the truth is, you do not need those speciality shaped speakers if you just get rid of that BMW head unit.
There is a lot of stories about aftermarket gear interfering with the CAN Bus. Some of it may be true, but most is not. As for me, I just went with the safe route, and pulled all of my wires through braided stainless steel tubing, and grounded it on both ends. That creates an EMI shield, and is not that much more work.
Anyhow, I am glad you are happy, and just ignore my attitude last night. If you ever want to just replace the BMW gear, send me a PM. I know where the bargains are hiding in car stereo gear, and where to spend your money, and where to cut corners. Now, my stuff is not that audiophile, competition type stuff. I just want a good, clean, detailed sound, that is as good as or better than your living room system.
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