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Originally Posted by M3CDR View Post
I just finished the USASPEC installation in my M3, I really appreciated this thread and the very well written DIY. So far it works like a charm! Two things I wanted to share:

1- I routed cable thru the trunk, under the backseat, and straight to the center console. I wanted to be able to handle the phone comfortably from the driver's seat so I reverse engineered the cable placement from where I wanted the phone to sit to where the connection with the USASPEC hardware unit would happen. I then had several options behind the rear seat where it could be placed. This shorter route resulted in a bunch of extra primary cable which I tucked into the same void as the USASPEC unit behind the rear seat. I figure if I need to reset the unit I can access the CD changer plug in the trunk easily, but if I want to change dip switches I'll have to remove the backseat.

2- I have IOS 5.1.1 on my iPhone and the USASPEC unit I purchased new has worked flawlessly so far.

Thanks again for this terrific post!

Hey brother where did you buy your usaspec because i want to make sure i get the updated firmware.
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