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After some extensive time around BSW equipment, I was impressed with the improved quality over OEM standard speakers and the seamless installs. A few of my friends have BSW stuff in their car, and they were ALL ecstatic with their stuff!

MJ, it seems that you feel "it" could be done for less, which is a totally understandable perspective. I, however, feel like people trust in BSW's products as the majority of their offered items are a relatively simple (and high quality) plug-and-play, and that added ease/confidence of installation is worth more to some. If you carefully elect your product, or e-mail for help if you're uncertain about what you're looking for/ordering, BSW does a good job streamlining customers to the product they think/know they want. More so, many auto enthusiasts enjoy the "piecing it together" of modifications to build their car in the way they desire, yet are unfamiliar with the pro's and con's regarding various types of speakers, amps, head units, subwoofers, BT/iPhone/iPod units, etc, etc, etc- that fits their car. The catch is, not every person has the time or the drive to research an entire kit piece by piece and speaker by speaker, so to resolve that problem, BSW even offers entirely pre-constructed kits.

I hear you when you are put off by their price, and again that is fair as everyone associates value differently. I personally love the seamless integration of their kits, improved sound quality, and (upon ordering carefully and correctly) the certainty that it will all fit and fire up the first time. Apparently I'm not alone in that either, as one of the BSW reps here in the thread said they are currently dealing with backorders.

I'm sure everything will work out for OP, and similarly, I'm also sure that we'll hear back if it doesn't! ,
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