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My Ride: 2003 BMW 320ci 2,2l
2003 320ci 2,2l not running on all cylinders

Hello! I am a fresh bmw owner and have already got trouble with the car.
I've searched around a bit, but have not found any clear answers to the problem, so I decided to ask on a forum hoping to find out what it could be!

Bought the car for approx. a week ago and it is a 2003 320ci 2.2 liter 170 BHP. it has gone 168 000km. The first week I had the car it went the splendid, no problem. But now, on Friday 31.08.2012 I noticed that something was up, while i was out just cruising. So we stopped because we felt a noticeable smell, as if something was burnt. Alright, fair enough, i thought to myself and drove back home without any issues.

The next day I sat fiddling with the radio inside the car, took it out and tried to fix a connection for mp3. Not that ic can have anything to do with the problem though, but whatever. Later I got a visit from a friend who wanted to see my new car, so I started the machinery, but it was not much to brag about. Now all of a sudden it went on 5 cylinders and shook and went like an old boat, after about ten seconds or so into the idle, another cylinder quit.

I took off the cover on top of the engine and while the engine ran i disconnected every single coil to find out which cylinder that was out.
Syl. No. 3 and 6 was then found not to be firing. No.3 is not firing at all, while cyl. no.6 quit after a short while. When I took out the coil that was in cyl. 3 it was completely molten and smelled of burnt plastic and gore, presumably what caused the smell the day before. The coil in no.6 seemed to look alright, in its appearance, but concluded that those two coils were dead. The previous owner had switched out three of the coils to the BOSCH type, while the three other coils probably were the original ones installed at the factory. Two of the factory fitted ones were dead. Now I've have installed two new coils and six new spark plugs. No matter how I switched around on the coils cyl. No.3 would not work, and No.6 would work sometimes.

Anyone here that have experienced the same problem? Engine light is on, and wondering if it could be so simple as to erase a fault code, or should the car be fine even if there is a fault code? I have and suspected a leak at the rubber intake tube, but i cant understand why that would cause such behaviour?
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