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Hi guys. I certainly did my research before buying it. Interestingly I was told that putting Gps factory style would not be easy and would be cheaper option to upgrade the car. I found my relocation kit at quarry motors where I source all my parts from in the u.k if not in the u.k I go to parramatta BMW in nsw. I got my relocation kit from quarry motors uk which turned out to be only around $120.00 a huge saving as BMW told me $277.00 and no one there even knew what I was talking about. It's easy to install yourself and believe me I'm no handy guy lol. Quarry were very efficient they even called me and postage was fast (that's unusual in W.A) everything I read on dynavin was that they were awesome systems, I must say had it worked properly it would have been incredible. My advice would be to source a BMW one from a wrecker. However if you want to take the risk order one in oz or the united states, I also found interesting that the u.s price is not much cheaper. The problem is that no car audio stores stock them here out of a shop. I guess that could be a hint in itself about the system. If you're going to get one maybe get the basic model because my thoughts are that this is just and early prototype. I asked someone that purchased one from Jason at Eurovision I would have but I couldn't get through to him on the day.
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