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Originally Posted by bond0007 View Post
how much for a hand job?
hahahaha Car wash are free...

Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Have these women been trained in proper washing will they remember not to take a rag used to wash the rear bumper and then use it on the hood?

Also, are you making sure that their bikinis are made of non-scratchy materials. If they have sequins or the like, I'd be worried about my finish.

GL with this, OP...hope you get nice weather for it!
No metal wearing girls..

Originally Posted by E46 unique View Post
My car needs a full body wash

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you car will get full body wash promise.

Originally Posted by djnekkon View Post
Impressive should make them clean your hood with their bikini, in case they forget. LOL

Originally Posted by BeMyWhip View Post
Hope she wont be wearing tbose braclets during the wash.
She can stratch the **** out of the cars.
Rings are also a no no.
And true, she has to be trained.
Does she know how to handle a hose?
I am sure they know,they are professionals
Originally Posted by AndrewBigA View Post
do it on a sunday, mb ill cum.

no bracelets, no watches, no belt buckles, just thongs, soft ass & soft breasts must touch the cars.
We want you to come Andrew so you can train them with your special car washing skills...
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