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I think you should carry a slipper around with you in your backpack and when you see another woman you're interested in, just pull it out and ask her if she'd mind trying on this slipper.

Then, make up this story that explains the request. Of course, it plays to her Cinderella fantasy...

"3 months ago I was kind of drunk at a frat party, but dig this chick who was amazing. She left this slipper and I've been carrying it around trying to find her again."

Told right, Hellfish, she'll be crying and diving right on top of you right there. Make sure you don't dent your e46!

Mark's advice is great if your goal is to play with girls and be the Ken doll, but I have to say that women aren't games.

I think you should be yourself, and then the woman who appreciates you will be appreciating you...not the things around her. Of course, with my approach, I guess there'd be much less sex, but longer-term, greater reward.

(Sorry, OP, I'm really old...that's why I sound like this!)
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