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If you were a hot 20 year old in college, that got hit on a dozen times a day, would you give a shot to all 12? I can assure you women want a game, not some jersey shore game, a game that gives them something to chase as well. We as men like it when a girl gives us a sense of accomplishment, when a girl just gives it up the first date-we take it, but aren't intrigued anymore (typically, there are exceptions), same for girls. If you can't see it, you're too new at it, or been out of it for too long.

Women want a man with experience, that they can convert into prince charming. You approach as prince charming, you become her friend prince charming, because you literally took away any chase for them. This game isn't to be shown, the girl shouldn't know what you're doing. It's not a game that causes issues or to be dragged along, it's a psychological game. I'm just trying to say that being honest doesn't work for many.

I'm also giving this advice for a college girl, you have to know your target. Girl out of college and looking to settle are different people, girls in college have thousands of options, so you have to separate yourself from the rest.

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