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Think I messed it up....advice?

So I have been dating this chick for about 7 months now and I think I may of blown it up the other night....
First some background info. We are both 25 with full time jobs out of college. We have mutual friends and would all hang out together from HS all the way up to now. About 8 months ago we went out tell each other we like each other go out on a couple of dates blah blah blah become official. So about 4 months into the relationship she drops the I love you line and yes I said it back and really meant it. For the record I have been in Long relationships in the past where I was always the first one to drop the love you line...usually a little while longer then 4 months but I really did feel like I knew this girl enough that my feelings were legit.
Fast forward to sat night. Having people over my house and we start day drinking. We are both pretty drunk and I see a dude start talking to my girl...don't think anything of it. Then it looks like he's getting pretty close to her so I keep an eye on it still not worried. Then I see him take out his phone, she looks at it says something then walks away. Well me in my drunken state took that as her giving him her number. We go inside and a big drunken argument ensues. Ok so I'm an ass when I get drunk but that's not the problem (well it is but nothing a nice dinner can't fix). So my problem is in my drunken rant telling this girl how much I care about her I dropped the gem "you're the girl I want to marry". Honestly I think I may have scared her a little bit because she has been acting kinda strange the past few days. Just want to get other people perspective. Let me know if you think I could of blown it?
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