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Originally Posted by dnjisback View Post
This car is definetely capable of doing those speeds, but with the added wieght of two people..... It made this situation even more dangerous along with his intoxication levels. The 325 has four doors but that doesn't mean they are built for this kind of speed while carrying a full load. An experienced driver makes this types of calculations before taking the risk.

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- It's hard to say from just the one vid, but my estimation is that car wasn't getting through that corner at that speed no matter how it was driven or what it was (or wasn't) carrying. It's possible that a much more aggressive turn-in before the crest of the rise, followed by easing the steering when the car lightened up, and then cranking steering back into it when it settled back down could have gotten him through. But I seriously doubt it. So if what you mean by "capable of doing those speeds" is "that car can take that corner at that speed", I think you're wrong.

- The "added weight of 2 people" is really the "added weight of 1 person" since BMW certainly didn't design the handling thinking the car would ever be driverless.

- A driver and passenger is hardly a "full load". In fact, it's only 1 step above minimum load. The passenger could be humongous, but when the driver gets out, he doesn't look too heavy to me.

- This is the first I'm hearing that he was intoxicated. What's your source for that?

- It's an M3, not a 325, right? How do you know if it's a 2 door or 4 door?

None of that is really relevant (except maybe the intoxication part). The kid just went in too hot, the car wouldn't turn because of the crest of the hill, and he was done.

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