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Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Give her space...pull away and become somewhat distant / aloof. Whatever you do, don't chase after her trying to pine away and make it all better. No girl ever said they want a clingy man. Be the man, make her think you're not afraid to walk. She'll come back around.
Personally I think that is a terrible idea. It's essentially punishing her for something he said then coercing her back into the relationship because the fear of being without him is greater than being with him.

The fact is... she should want to be with you. Not that it's some how more convenient or more attractive to be with him than without.

OP, it's going to be a delicate balance of giving her some space to simply digest what you said. The best you can do is play it cool, apologize for your behavior and be patient. If things don't improve in a couple weeks then there may be more to it. Just don't remove yourself from the picture entirely.
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