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what happens when the pump fails?
what are the symptoms for it?
just want to check it the symptoms for them are similar to my problem

the symptoms of the gear position sensor sounds just like my problem but from what I read, when the position sensor fails, the car starts shifting from 2 to 5 or you can only use like Reverse, 2nd, 5th and 6th

My car shifts to all gears when you first start it but after a little drive, it will skip only 1 gear. That gear is sometimes 4th, sometimes, 3rd and sometimes 2nd (until now)
And if will keep skipping that same gear. Meaning, when the light comes on and starts skipping 3rd, is always skips 3rd. Then when I stop the car, start it again, that yellow light goes and goes into every gear fine (but with that blinking problem), and then if it skips 4th, it will only skip 4th until I stop the car again

what about that yellow light that comes on the dash?
the one on the far right of the picture below (the circle with the exclamation mark in it)

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