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Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
D is regular driving mode. S is a sport mode where it revs higher before it shifts. Both D and S, the car shifts for you. In M mode (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5), you push the lever to indicate when you want to shift, so in theory it gives you more control.

My issue is that when in M, it doesn't shift as quickly as you want it to so you have to actually "shift" earlier than you would and then the car responds. Also, eventually, if you don't shift in M mode, the car will shift for you to not over-rev the engine.

I'd be a much bigger fan of STEP if the shifts in M mode were more crisp. One thing it does give you is the downshift when wanting extra oomph to pass, for instance. But, that's a whole different topic and I don't want to detract from the original post.

EDIT: Oh, and to answer the question, I mostly drive in S mode, except for those few times I'm downshifting (which automatically makes it M mode) for passing power. I eventually go back to S mode.
How do I get into S mode?
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