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I actually heard my M3 (on KW V2) cry this morning driving into government center. Don't know where you're working but good call not bringing yours into the city. Although there was zero parking spots at the t station this morning that's why I had to drive in. Then paid $35 for 2 hours parking. So get to the t stations early or if you're parking in the garage make sure there's always a spot for monthly pass holders!!

As far as nightlife. I haven't actually gone out here (been away for 5 years) but I heard Marina Bay in Quincy is really nice, although very classy and expensive. I also heard Club Guilt is good.

I love this city and I always said MA is awesome. But in reality it sucks balls. The state has too much control they limit freedom. Vehicle laws are stupid. Gun laws are painful! And everyone says mass state PD is such a respected and well trained and prepared organization, eh not so much after seeing them work. Hope you like it here!!

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