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Originally Posted by bostonsc4 View Post
Hello again everyone, I come bearing updates: (Swish I STILL am meaning to get around to calling you )

With my graduation this upcoming spring season, I've been forced to do some serious thinking about a lot of things. I will cut to the chase, I've decided I am enlisting in the Air Force

But you'll have a bachelors degree!?
True. Which is good because now I'll start at E3, with my intention on having a career in the military, I have no need to rush into becoming an officer just yet.

Why not wait until you can commission and just get a civilian job?
Another option I thought heavily about, but I'll have a degree in Psychology, which essentially requires graduate school to get a job in any reputable field. I am just simply done with school, I'm going to beast out my senior year, and thats going to be that. Some people are just done with school, others can go on to graduate and post graduate... Not this guy. I'm not bad in school either, just simply done with this part of my life.

Why do I want to enlist over commissioning into another service?
Student loans will begin to collect 6 months post graduation. I'll owe my school about $30k which isn't bad at all now a days for college debt. That said, I need to leave before this time period so that I can begin to pay off college debt promptly. The waiting list for the Air Force OTS is far past 6 months, and to be honest the only other service I would consider commissioning into would be the Army, but I'm not sure that its for me. All in all, my GPA is not impressive enough to commission right now being its a 3.0 out of 4.0 with a major in a non technical field.

Whats the dream sheet look like?
If all goes the way I plan it, which I know is rare, I will enlist in the AF. I very much want to be part of enlisted Air Crew, with most preference on becoming an aircraft loadmaster. I will put Travis AFB as my #1 base on my dream sheet where I could be stationed with my little brother, a C-17 Crew Chief. I want to be enlisted and work with my hands, travel the world, maybe get overseas for a tour or two, and then in at the end of my 4 year enlistment, my college debt will be history, I'll have benefits established, a future setup fpr myself, and then attempt to commission with prior enlistment on my record. If not, I'll evaluate if I want to enlist again. By that time, my current girlfriend will have graduated the same college I am about to, and (not jinxing this) I will ask her to marry me and move out with me. This is the one thing I am sure of at this point.

Talked to my recruiter, this coming fall break from classes is when I'll go take my ASVAB and physical and such.

A massive thank you goes out to everyone who posted in this thread with ideas and different routes. I continue you to please keep them coming because I know many many people find themselves in the same situation as me and could benefit from this thread. Thanks very much guys.
Congrats man... Call whenever! Ps: I officially retired from active duty last Thursday .

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