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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
I don't buy in to the ultimate driving machine crap but I do believe that autos are cheaper than manuals in the enthusiast secondary market segment, I would have had 30,000 miles more on a manual car identical to mine than my auto for the same price due to fanboi manual following, I bet that most of the manual nazis would get smoked by a good driver in a step.
I completely understand what your saying but the guy bought his car brand new. And was making the argument that from the factory manuals are cheaper. He didn't buy used so the mileage would be irrelevant. Plus I would think that with a short shifter and aftermarket clutch/flywheel combined with the lag of a step that a manual would still be quicker. But even if not its the control and driving experience that come with a stick. BMWs aren't about practicality they are machines designed for the driving enthusiast. Ok I'm done don't wanna hijack the tread anymore than I already have. My apologies op.

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