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Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
So you just said that you wanted a manual but got the auto because it was cheaper, yet you think people who prefer manual are stupid? Manual is more fun than auto, it has little to do with speed. Auto's are fine if all you want is a sit in and relax car, as a sports car, I don't get it. As for mileage, who cares? I would happily buy another BMW with 250k or more miles on it... these cars run forever.

I'm really not trying to argue manual over auto, just saying that your argument doesn't make any sense...
When did I say that people who pref a manual are stupid? I was talking about the guys post and people who actually buy in to the ultimate driving machine stock is the best it can be crap.

I don't care what anyone says, to get the right car for the right price you need time, if you don't want to over pay for a nice 3er you need time which not a lot of people have, just like time not a lot of people can travel a long distance to get to one, not everyone has a infinite level of cash.

I bought my car because for the mileage, condition and price it was a stand out winner over what the other stuff available was. Not everyone buys a car for one reason and 50 went through my head when picking this one but I'm happy with it. No one said people who pref manuals are stupid
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