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I'm not against a tankless setup, not at all - the fact is I am just not willing to spend the money right now. Within the next couple of years we will probably outgrow the space and put on an addition (which I would like) or move to a bigger house - either way, the needs for water will change as our family grows. Right now the house is just 1.5 baths and there are only 3 of us here and one of us is 5 months old, well 4 of us if you count my 8lb yorkie - but she only takes a shower once a week, so not much water usage from her.

Hence the reason for just wanting to replace the 40 gallon unit that is there. It sits between the furnace and the corner the electrical panel is in, you can't really do anything with that section of the basement anyway.
The word "there" can appear as a pronoun, as in “over there."

"Their" is a possessive pronoun. In a phrase like “Susan and Bill's car,” it could be used to to make a new phrase: “their car.”

”They're” is a contraction of “they are.” “They are” should always be able to replace “they're.”
Extra Credit: It's "I'm looking for an M3"
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