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Hi - I have been reading this thread and gotten tons of great information. I am new to advanced car detailing. I wanted to know what products you would recommend for Wax/Sealant & Polish for a Titanium Silver M3? I find it difficult to make Silver pop compared to colors like Imola Red etc. In less light silver looks a bit better compared to in direct sun IMO.

What polish and wax sealant is best and if there is one you would recommend specifically for Silver M3's that would be great (want more depth and detail to come through), also the car is new to me so I dont know what kind of products it may have on it from the previous owner, so I want to do a full detail and need a few recommendations on products. Here is the process I was planning on following, can you please review and let me know if you think it looks correct and recoomend the correct products for each step:

1- Snow Foam Car
2- Wash & Dry Car
3- Clay Bar Car (was planning on getting the Clay Magic 200g but need to know which lubricant is best)
6-Wax (Need clarification on 5/6, is sealant in the wax, or is it a seperate step and product?)
7- Tire Dressing (Need recommendation on deep glossy shine product, but something that wont spin off the wheels onto the car, I also read in the post you recommend using water based for light shine and ontop add silicone for deep shine)
8- Wheel detailing (I have the 19" wheels and wanted to know what you would recommend in terms of process and products to get the most shine out of the wheels)

Engine Bay detail: This makes me very nervous I dont know if I would want to spray a hose in my engine. Would you be able to recommend a Safe way to detail the engine bay/products?

Thanks in advance!
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