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Originally Posted by andrewrossnagel View Post
i have the razr max and i swear my thunderbolt was faster, this phone is such a pos besides the battery which is starting to sh1t the bed for no reason
I have the razr maxx and Im pretty much set on it. I have had it maybe 2 months. Its pretty quick for a phone in my eyes and the battery is pretty awesome. I had a feeling it wouldnt take long but then again thats goes with any new phone now adays. Granted this is my first smart phone so im sure my bar isnt raised very high when it comes to being impressed as to others. Im sure one of my friends will get one of the new ones and ill be sure to compare the 2 to see how they are.

You might need to recallibrate the battery. I know it sounds wierd and off the wall but I have seen it done and see results.

basiclly No matter where you are on the battery, turn it off when you are ready to start calibrating (at any level). Plug it in and let in charge to 100%. You can check the status by hitting the volume key while it is off. Next, use it as usual but drain it down to 10%. Here is where you are resetting the low limit. Once at 10% then turn it off, charge it to 100%. after that you are done.

One app that may help you figure out why your battery is not being the best is GSam battery. It gives you averages on remaing battery life, remaing talk time, and shows which apps are sucking up battery life. plus shows percent remaing by 1% not 10%. Once you do the battery callibration you can go into the battery app and reset and with in 2-4days you should see an improvement
03' 325i
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