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Another steptronic owner here.
I am happy with my choice of getting a steptronic(auto) for a DD. When I need passing power I just downshift in manual mode.

If it was a weekend or a track car, I would take a manual over automatic, just because you need that control on the track. But for a daily driver to be driving in a bumper to bumper traffic, I will take a steptronic over manual anyday.

May be I will put the sprint booster v2 in sometime to get rid of the lag in D mode in future. Yah, I am going to rig the center console with the M's sport button for the sprint booster setting.

If I were to buy a new M, it'd be a double clutch system. Not that I am lazy, but I like the precision of the shift and not having to shift myself when my other hand is busy doing some better things.

Dont get me wrong, I know how to drive a manual, in fact I learnt how to drive in a 4 speed manual toyota tercel and all my life I have driven motorcycles. So, I know the advantages and disadvantages of manual transmission.

With the advancement in the technology the automatics/steptronics have gone really far ahead of manuals. Imagine shifting 7-8 gears in a manual which they have now in the automatics in your everyday driving. The computer knows better than our brain to keep the engine in the optimum revs.
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