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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
I replaced the control arms recently. If you are talking about the tie-rod ball joints, they are certainly a possibilty. Mileage is at ~150K. Other BMWs I'd owned with a lot more miles did not need tie-rods replaced. So it's an educated guess. But still, a possibility.

Wheels are balanced, alignment is fresh. Again, other BMWs I'd owned had bad strut mount bearings when removed, that's why I suspect them.

I am all ears for other possibilities tough...
You're getting the vibration ONLY under braking? Strut bearings should be replaced anyway when you do the struts. Any obvious play in them when unloaded and you move the strut assembly with your hand? And what brand rotors, control arms, bushings, pads? When you removed your wheels, did you sand and clean all wheel to hub mounting surfaces? I could go on and on but lets start with what parts you have and when/how you're experiencing the vibrations
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