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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
I replaced the control arms recently. If you are talking about the tie-rod ball joints, they are certainly a possibilty. Mileage is at ~150K. Other BMWs I'd owned with a lot more miles did not need tie-rods replaced. So it's an educated guess. But still, a possibility.

Wheels are balanced, alignment is fresh. Again, other BMWs I'd owned had bad strut mount bearings when removed, that's why I suspect them.

I am all ears for other possibilities tough...
Ball joints are good then, but actually check out the tie rods to eliminate that. All cars are not the same, nor exist in the same environment.

It is not strange to get tires balanced, yet they are still out of balance. Can you swap the rears with the fronts? Staggered for you?

Find out how to check strut mounts and check them too. Gotta start eliminating things. (how do you check strut mounts on the car? disconnect the lower end and try to wiggle?)
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