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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
No obvious movement using hand only, but I don't trust that. Brembos, ZHP arms, Lemforder bushings, OEM pads. Wheel hubs have been cleaned througly before putting new rotors on.

However, I am running with one less wheel nut on the driver's side. Apparently some incompetent mechanic was able to strip the threads. Not sure if this would cause a vibration though.

Next time I'm under the car for suspension work, it will be for new struts/mounts and tie-rods. The vibration doesn't bother me that much to do the suspension work in the near future.

Square setup 225/45/17's all around. Already rotated rears and fronts. No difference.

As far as I'm concerned, the correct way to check the strut mounts is when they are out of the car. I guess, they'll have to wait.
Again, when/how you experience the vibration is the most important thing. Also describe the intensity. The missing wheel bolt could cause balancing problems but not exclusively under braking. (if thats in fact when you're feeling it)

Also yes you can't "trust" any hand test, but very serious/obvious problems can AND will show up by simply moving the part with your hand. I've moved control arms and trailing arms by hand before where the bushings were shot. very obvious movement.

I'd be willing to bet your control arm bushings weren't installed correctly and/or are defective. Walk me through the history of the control arms and bushings. Who installed them, how installed, etc.

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