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Originally Posted by Chris3Duke View Post
Just wanted to say thanks to all the posters in this thread, but especially to koolkat, as I had an Advance Auto Parts a mile from my house (I'm in Vienna off 123), and used a $50 off $150 code (Code = VISA) to get this battery for the same price. Advance tested my battery (It was at like 145 CCA), and installed it for free (the guy installing it didn't hook up the vent hose. I pointed this out, while watching over his shoulder, and he hooked it up). Price at the local mechanic was $230, I'm sure would have been at least $300 at the dealer.

The 94RH7 fit without any modification, which was worth it to me in terms of time (I was in and out in 30 minutes). Only downside was my little time-setter stalk thingie broke when resetting the time afterwards...

ETA: One more thing I forgot to mention, I just realized there are two vent holes on the battery: one for the vent hose, and one has a plug. I forgot to grab the plug out of the old core, so that hole was just open, which probably defeats the purpose of venting. I just put a piece of foil-backed tape over it for now, but will run back by Advance in a bit to try to grab the plug from my old core...

Thanks I used the VISA code online and picked up in store. For some reason my receipt said delivery but the manager honored the $50 off coupon. $128 for the 94RH7

Only problem I have now is putting the plug in for the air vent. The guy that put the battery in for me couldn't fit it, eventhough I told he should have put it before placing the battery in the car. I know it's an easy DIY but I injured my hands and tight squeeze stuff is hard to do.
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