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Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
If you need your sock, I still have it.
That is so not halal to even joke about.

Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
Not sure what you mean. Where would you put the faceplate? It's kinda important if you want to use it, lol.
The radio unit can be put anywhere, trunk, inside the dash, etc... Then instead of clipping in the faceplate, you solder in wires and remotely mount the much thinner faceplate anywhere you want. Ceiling, center console, door, etc... Allows you to put it someplace more concealed and possibly easier to access. Maybe if you were clever, even reuse the faceplate of an OE unit.

Originally Posted by albeee View Post
You definitely don't have the qualities of old money people. For one thing, you spend way too much. Old money folk inherit everything, including bed sheets. And you're too flashy. You're more in line with the MC Hammer crowd.
I agree with all of this.

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